Nativity Prep uses a student-first approach to educating the minds of our students. Through our work in classroom and the local community, we focus on educating our students in the core academic courses. As well as providing them further education and enrichment through community service and extracurricular classes in and outside of the school.

Core Courses

Our core program will outline the education our students receive in the four core areas of study, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Athletics & Arts

Nativity Prep offers a variety of athletics, music, and art classes throughout the school year. Students are required to participate in both Athletics and the arts.

Clubs & Field Trips

In addition to academic learning, athletics, and arts Nativity Prep also has variety of clubs that students can sign up for if they are interested. Field trips are also held at least once a month on weekends to various locations in the local area.

Secondary Schools

Nativity will helps guide our students through their journey from 5th grade to graduating high school and beyond!