Nativity’s mission is to prepare students for success in high school and beyond. The school’s philosophy is that success is dependent on educating oneself with respect to the opportunities that are out there and on ultimately pursuing a good “match” relative to one’s personal interests, levels of preparedness, and values. Nativity maintains on staff a Director of Secondary School Placement whose role it is to guide and assist parents/guardians and students as they cultivate the skills and access the tools they will need to make the transition from middle school to high school. In addition, the school’s comprehensive secondary school program enriches the search and application processes and equips students with tools that will not only facilitate the transition but serve them well in years to come – this multi-faceted program uniquely offers:

  • A Secondary School Counseling class that meets on a weekly basis
  • Guided standardized test preparation
  • An annual Secondary Schools Fair that boasts nearly 30 participants each year
  • Guidance throughout the financial aid process
  • Class visits to regional schools beginning in grade 6