Nativity Speaker Series Spotlight: Peter Pereira

On October 19, award-winning photojournalist Peter Pereira joined students and staff for Speaker Series. Pereira spoke to students about his varied pursuits, which have included technology, photojournalism, and cycling. He implored students to strive for their best in whatever they choose to pursue. Apart from speaking about his own journey, which began with a book on Ancient Egypt, Pereira fielded a great number of questions from students. Asked, “What is your favorite photo?”, Pereira told a story about photos taken during the raid on the Michael Bianca factory in 2007 – photos that ended up as testimony before Congress as they deliberated amendments to immigration policy. For Pereira, an immigrant, this episode was particularly impactful on a personal level. The photojournalist closed with the ask that every student wake up believing, “today is going to be amazing.”