BEE KIND at Nativity

You may have noticed some fun, new artwork adorning our faculty house at 101 School Street.  In June, Chris Cruz, our business manager, was busy planting new flowers and shrubs around the building when she was approached by New Bedford native and New York City street artist, TomBobNYC.  TomBob handed her his sketched rendition of a whimsical, colorful bumblebee.  He proposed painting the bee on the building foundation above our new garden.  He explained that he was admiring the beautiful garden one day, however, he was distracted by the ugly pipes popping out of the stonework.  You see, TomBob is known in NYC for transitioning bland objects on the street into cartoon-based creations.   If you look closely, he incorporated the pipes from the building into the bee’s antennae.  

THANK YOU TomBobNYC for putting a big smile on our faces every day.  You can see more of TomBob’s magical artwork on his Instagram @tombobnyc.