Athletics & Clubs


As athletic competition promotes conditioning, character, leadership, and teamwork among the students, Nativity Prep sponsors various competitive teams throughout the school year. All students must participate in sports four days per week. While every effort is made to accommodate the interests of all students, space is limited on certain teams. Depending on the coaching expertise of the staff, the program will involve appropriate seasonal sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, sailing/golf, cross country, and field games.

During winter sports, all students will be required to pass a swim test. New Bedford is a coastal town, and Nativity Prep believes that everyone should know how to swim. If the students are not able to pass the swim test, they will be given lessons from certified lifeguards on how to swim until they are able to pass the test.


Once per week, students will have an opportunity to participate in a club run by a Nativity Prep Teacher. Student input on offerings will be sought ahead of time throughout the year. Club offerings in the past have included Culinary Arts, Community Service, Bowling, Flag Football, School Newspaper, and Film Club.

Field Trips

Nativity Prep field trips, scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays during the school year, are designed to add cultural, educational, and community service elements to the program. These trips introduce students to educational and historical sites, monuments and cultural institutions in the area, and give them opportunities to become involved in service work. They are designed to offer a learning experience in which students and members of the community can build ties of friendship and Nativity spirit together. All field trips provide an active learning experience for each student that reinforces classroom instruction with hands-on activities. Recently we have visited the Fuller Craft Museum to view socially conscious modern art, the Museum of Science, and the New Bedford Whaling Museum. More adventure-oriented trips include rock climbing, nature hikes, mountain biking, as well as a trip to an interactive Egyptian tomb adventure in Boston.